MAG Box with VPN Router

The MAG series of set-top boxes has become one of the most popular devices for IPTV and VoD streaming. Popular models are MAG250, MAG254, MAG256, MAG322 / 323, MAG324 / 325, MAG349, MAG424, MAG351 and MAG352.

UK ISPs including Virgin Media, BT, Sky, TalkTalk etc.

actively block IPTV content at certain times of the day / week. This usually happens once a year at the start of the Premier League football games, most often this is practiced by internet networks that offer football streams themselves.

This may mean that during this time all your favorite IPTV channels are inaccessible and blacked out in the MAG Box when you most want to watch them.

The natural conclusion, then, would be that this is somehow related to the IPTV company

Well, absolutely not, British networks do it in order to increase their own data transfer resources, so the Internet operator's limitations should not in any way be associated with IPTV stream. Changing the TV signal provider will not help you, because the signal will be limited in 99% of cases

During the above-mentioned restrictions, you most often ask us if we can improve the quality of reception, etc., the answer is as follows:

If the Internet provider blocks or limits the transfer at your end point, i.e. in your router, which you got for free from the Internet provider, we usually need a few days to recognize the method of enabled restrictions at the customer and effectively bypass it by appropriately selected data transfer bypass to a specific operator.

So you have our technical support, and you can be sure that the stream will be received after a short time without any restrictions, just wait patiently until we help you bypass your restrictions without VPN, nevertheless we recommend buying a VPN router, because thanks to encrypted data transfer you will get at home, additional protection against hackers' attacks on other devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.)

The best in the UK is from VPN LIBERTYSHIELD.COM

IMPORTANT - After connecting the MAG Box to the VPN network, there is no way for any ISP to block IPTV access on it.

Connecting the MAG Box to a LibertyShield VPN router (instead of an ISP router) will provide an internet connection via an encrypted VPN connection and will not be logged, restricted or blocked by any ISP.