MAGic IPTV - Formuler 4K, WiFi no aerial needed

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Formuler STB high class Set-Top box receiver designed for receiving signals from Polish platforms and foreign internet television broadcasters iptv polsat UK | TV PL online Poland TV HD FORMULER IPTV

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We accept all major payment cards
We accept all major payment cards

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IPTV STB high class Set-Top box receiver for IPTV/OTT platforms

| iptv polsat uk | TV PL online | Polska TV HD|

Polish HD television without aerial - 1 month for free, access to the KSW events and thousands of videos from video library included in the price.

No contract, no strings attached with a modern multimedia player Formuler IPTV Full HD.

New generation television. You do not need a satellite dish to watch Polish TV on your TV in the UK or another country, all you need is our receiver and internet access.

You do not need to sign any contract to watch it. This is a very good solution, e.g. if you are going on vacation or do not have time for the TV for the time being.

Television without aerial - now everyone can use Polish television anywhere in the world , all you need is network access and the required connection speed, i.e. around 40 Mb / s.

In total, the package includes over 250 Polish channels in the highest quality 1080p FHD, 4k.

VOD - free access to the video library, free access to the content of KSW, SPORT channels, for ADULTS XXX, and SKY Germany. The offer is directed only to customers who have a minimum connection of 40Mbps

Our multimedia player MAG has an Ethernet LAN input - (optionally there is a possibility of Wi-Fi connection, but if the router in your home is too far away, instead of Wi-Fi wireless connection we recommend using TPlink network adapters, also available on our website in the section IPTV accessories.)

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Movies, series

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for children

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music channels

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The package price for the quarter is 36GBP 

A modern multimedia player Amiko IPTV Full HD, having a small size, attractive appearance and affordable price.

The device doesn't need a satellite dish connection. Very good solution if you cannot mount your own satellite dish

VOD, Media browser, support for the latest HEVC standards

Multimedia player , small size, attractive appearance and affordable price.

Order! Try it! you'll see that you'll like it!