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Bitonline remote support plan 

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We accept all major payment cards
We accept all major payment cards

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Bitonline remote support plan 

- maintenance and data backup/recovery services 

- professional assistance every time you need it 

£29/pm – one workstation + printer 

£40/pm – two workstations including all connected devices 

£12/pm - one device BiT online solution

The Bitonline remote support service is for those small businesses and individuals interested in establishing permanent support which is based on the capacity of our Bitonline engineering team to access your devices on a remote basis. 

The team’s aim is to provide support in solving various problems that occur when working both on desktop computers (workstations) and on mobile devices which may be used by employees when fulfilling tasks outside the office. Our comprehensive IT care package is founded on simple, robust principles and all you have to do is contact the support team on duty. 

Professional assistance every time you need it 

Unexpected problems that occur while working on hardware or software may not only cause delays in the completion of tasks by individual members of your organisation, but in extreme cases may also stop the processes that are crucial to the success of your business. Specialist, remote assistance offered by Bitonline can effectively eliminate the risk of such unpleasant consequences by allowing you to use professional assistance wherever you are and at any time. 

Professional advice and support is available by making a phone call or sending an email to arrange an appointment at a convenient date and time with one of our specialist team. At the set appointment time, you will be asked to provide a username and password in order to enable the installation of our software on your computer or device. A Bitonline specialist will then remotely access your device and solve the problem. The process is totally safe; access to your computers and files by other parties is denied. 

Bitonline remote support plan for small businesses includes - professional assistance every time you need, plus maintenance and data backup/recovery services on daily basis 

Onsite hardware support 

For hardware incidents that cannot be resolved remotely, our engineers can provide onsite technical support (the cost of replacement of any hardware components is not included in this support plan).